Installation & Packing


We offer sealed and secure package to make sure cabinets will not be damaged during shipment.

Generally, there are three methods of packing:
1. RTA (ready-to-assemble)
Door panels and carcass are packed flat in strong cartons, not  assembled.
2. Semi-assemble
Assembly package with carton or wood box for carcass, but without any door panel assembled
3. Entire assembly
Assembly package with wood box for carcass with all the door panels assembled.

Our normal packing process:
1. After the inspection, we place foamed plastics at the bottom of the carton, prepare for panels packing.
2. Every panel in cartons is separately lined with EPE foams and air bubble films.
3. Foamed plastics are placed at the top of carton to ensure that panels are wrapped very well.
4. Countertop is packed into a carton which is covered with wooden frames. This is particularly important for preventing carcass from breakage during shipment.
5. The cartons will be bound with rope externally.
6. Pre-packaged cartons will be unloaded to warehouse to wait for shipment.


1. We provide install instructions in different languages.
2. Peel white paper is the last step since it can protect cabinets from scratches, dust etc.
3. The stainless steel cabinets are heavy, please be careful during unloading, moving and installation. Please do not lift the cabinets by door panels.

1. Find experienced workers
   a. The package is flat packing or assemble packing. All product structures are international standard so as long as you can get well experience workers in local, it will be very easy to finish the installations.
   b. If you need any assistance, please send us photos or video, our engineer will be happy to help to solve any doubt of installations.
2. Do it yourself.
   a. Find out each part of the cabinet which has been separately packed in one carton and is well indicated by label;
   b. Follow the installation steps on the manual books along with the cartons;
   c. Our after-sales service team will answer any question you may have.

1. Please do not take off the peel white paper from the stainless steel surface and countertop before finish the whole installation.
2. Please take off the peel white paper from one conern first, then move toward to middle. Please do not use knife or any other sharp tools to remove the paper to avoid scratches and scrapes on the stainless steel surface.
3. First cleaning. Please refer to the cleaning and maintain page.

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