Exquisite Craftsmanship

Equipment from Switzerland, Japan and the Netherlands, plus German technology ensures our craftsmanship is fine and rigorous.

Our cabinet is fully integrated with ergonomics and design principles, and optimized during the design of the sink countertop, which makes the cabinet more practical. Moreover, the cabinet adopts seamless welding technology, which does not breed bacteria during the process of use, and is healthy and safe.

The advanced automatic paint line does the colors whatever clients want, the imitation wood texture is natural and dynamic. The top processing equipment makes the product details and craftsmanship to the extreme.

Using stainless steel forging technology, the mirror polishing and electrolysis process makes the surface of the kitchen cabinet smooth, without any burrs and other particles on the surface, and has strong hand feeling.

Laser cutting technology concentrates the laser beam in a small area through lenses and mirrors. The high concentration of energy enables rapid local heating to evaporate the stainless steel. In addition, since the energy is very concentrated, only a small amount of heat is transferred to other parts of the steel, resulting in little or no deformation. The laser can be used to cut complex shaped blanks very accurately, and the cut blanks do not have to be further processed.

Smart positioning technology is using ultra-laser numerical control technology locate the opening, the hole position is almost zero error. Install the fixed base copper core inside the hole to make the connection between the screw and the cabinet tighter.

Our load-bearing beam structure, cabinet-reinforced roof, hardware, sink, and squat structure make our cabinets extremely strong and durable. The stainless steel screw connection process is never loose. Integrated molding seamless process makes cabinets not deformed and crack in a high temperature and strike.

The door panel is made of 304 food grade stainless steel and mechanical honeycomb aluminum core board, using 220 ° C high temperature automobile baking paint process, fireproof and not afraid of heat. With the advanced door panel stainless steel safety corner technology, lifetime warranty is ensured. Panel anti-off technology enables each door panel to be used in high temperature and humidity for several years without falling off, still maintaining luster.

The unique surface coating material not only resists temperature fluctuations, but also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, water resistance and free from air humidity. Although the facade and bulkhead are extremely lightweight, the sandwich process ensures absolute stability of the shape. Advanced stainless steel floor line waterproof technology to avoid the water damage.

The high-end anti-vibration technology makes the countertop more stable and durable.

Heavy-duty suspension technology adopts trapezoidal hanging code suspension, which can withstand a weight of 250 kgs to ensure the safety of the hanging cabinets.

Intelligent lighting, lifting and sound control system; smart rice bucket, etc., make your life more convenient!


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