Competitive Price

Lower price but high quality and maximized customization ensures our products are competitive in the industry.

 Stainless steel cabinets are usually more expensive than wood varieties. But they are extremely durable and last much longer. Among the same material and quality stainless steel cabinets, our prices are very transparent and welcome to compare with quality.

 The price is different for standard customization and non-standard customization. Standard customization refers to the customization of cabinets under the specifications of our factory. Standard custom cabinets are more functional customization. The purpose is to make the function of the cabinet conform to our daily living habits, rather than simple appearance customization. Standard custom cabinets have many standard modules of a certain size to fit different sizes of space, and the interior structure of the cabinet can be customized. This customization method is the most widely used since the price is lower and the quality is more stable. Since our factory already have all the mold of standard size. And these sizes are proved stable during the widely used. Standard customization has no extra mold charge. Therefore, this customization method is our most recommended.

Non-standard customization is all dimensions other than our standard module. Non-standard parts need more manpower and resources in the production process, also need to make the new mold. Therefore, non-standard is more expensive and longer production time than standard.  

 Design and function are our top concern. Our design staff is selected and professional who are dedicated to make the most functional and esthetically pleasing cabinets. Our designers will follow up during design and production, and discuss all the components of cabinets many times to make the best personal and unique cabinets for you.

The custom process is simple, just email us your plan and ideas, which can be the construction drawings, or even a hand drawing on the paper and your budget. Our designers can work with anything. After the design is confirmed, we will offer the final cost. Upon receiving the confirmed proforma invoice and deposit, we will begin the production and following process.

Normally we recommend RTA (ready to assemble) packing since it takes smaller space and lower transport charge. We can offer the installation service in your local place with the extra charge, and you could also arrange the installation by yourself. Of course, the assemble packing is also available. We can assemble the cabinets before shipment.

We would like to share our experience for making your perfect living space. Welcome to contact with us for comparing the quality and price. Please free feel to reach us for discussing any of your ideas!

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